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We deny it. We don't want to believe it. Judgement day has already happened.
We never chose to accept it. Now, it's time for a reboot.

The wait is finally over!
ELAN & ηvision 2018


With the sole motive of entertaining the audience, CULTI promises to enthral the audience with an ensemble out-of-this world performances and provides a stage for continuous and maximum visibility.


Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories.Watch the contestants weave their magical story as time ceases to flow by.


A literary fiesta of exciting events and mind boggling quizzes and treasure hunts. Litr offers novel avenue to all those who can work their magic with a pen.


Gargantuan Speakers and psychedelic lights. Insane snarling of electric guitars to beautiful symphonies. Everything to have you sway with the beat.


Featuring Artists of national and international fame, pronites promises an unforgettable night of memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Social Cause

Our world is going into a deep abyss day by day…
Climate change and global warming a strangling our planet slowly. Our environment is polluted and all the fuels are running out...
But what is the solution?


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Accommodation during ELAN & nvision will be provided from 9th to 11th Feb. Accommodation will start from 9th Feb 6:00 pm.


Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

Kandi, Sangareddy 502285

Telangana, INDIA