About η-hackathon

Elan & ηvision, IIT Hyderabad in association with E-Cell, IIT Hyderabad are proud to present to you the η-hackathon. It will be a collaboration of great minds and competition between them to solve the problems faced by the cities of our countries. Participants are welcome to use any technology to support their ideas and are encouraged to make a working prototype in a race against time. Unlike the run-of-the-mill hackathons where everyone ends up in building an app or developing some software, we encourage students from all domains (even developers) to contribute in sculpting our cities into smart cities by coming with effective solutions to problems in terms of traffic, pollution, drain systems, etc. We invite students from all engineering domains and of different levels of education from B.Tech to Ph.D.

The hackathon will be held at IIT Hyderabad campus, for a duration of 24-hours, 5:30 P.M. 9th February to 5:30 P.M. 10th February alongside the Annual techno-cultural fest of IIT Hyderabad - Elan & ηvision.

Smart City

Theme - Smart City

Ever wondered how our cities can be evolved? Ever came up with a plan of action to walk the talk? Ever made something putting your grey cells to work, only to shelve it for lack of platform? Fret no more, be you a BTech Freshman just joining the ranks of professional problem solving or a veteran Ph.D., Elan and ηvision in association with E-Cell are here to provide to you that magnificent stage that your brainchild deserves. No limitations in terms of what model your game changing idea comes in, be it an app or a working prototype. Use any technology possible to combat the issues we all face but never tackle head-on. And if the tech doesn't exist, show us how you'll spawn it. This is your time.


Cash Prize - ₹50,000/-
and many more goodies!!
Prizes for Top 10 teams
Certification of Winner/Merit for Top 3 teams
Certification of Participation for all the participants

Hackathon participants will get free passes for our fest's pronites on Saturday and Sunday night.


Who can apply for this hackathon?

If you are an engineering student, you can. You can be from any branch, you can be an undergraduate, a postgraduate or even a Ph.D. scholar.

How does registration work?

Use the form linked above. Submit your details and your team members' details. It is enough if one person from a team applies.

I am not a 'hacker', can I register?

This Hackathon has nothing to do with 'hackers'. This is a platform for you to come up with innovative ideas for everyday problems in the city.

I do not have a team, can I register?

Not a problem. We will help you form a team on the spot.

What does it cost me?

₹200/-, 24 hours of your time and a few gray cells.
NOTE : This is a non-profitable event, the money is for your food and drinks.

I have registered, what to do now?

Great! you can attend the hackathon. And, pay using the link above to confirm your registration.

I am selected, ‎What do I need to get?

Congrats! Attend the hackathon on the evening of 9th Feb at 4 p.m. Get your laptops, chargers and necessary components for working on your idea.

‎What about food?

Don't worry, you will have food and drinks.

What if this FAQ didn’t answer my questions?

Feel free to contact any of the people listed here regarding any more doubts that you may have.

Judges and Mentors

Will be updated soon. Stay tuned.



Ecell IITH


Ace Engineering Academy

Have any queries?
Feel free to reach out to us.

May it be a doubt regarding the event, an expression of gratitude (hey, thanks!), or you just wanting to have a chat, never hesitate to contact us.

Aravind Ganesh
Suprabath Reddy