Tweet a Tale

Harry Potter series: 1,084,170 words. Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy: 453,840 words. Paradise Lost: 93,525 words

But you do not have those many words to shine. You are not allowed to let your writing flow. Can you impress us in 280 characters or less?

The rules:
1. Every single character including not only letters and numbers, but also spaces and other punctuation count. Exceeding the 280 characters will cost you points.
2. It goes without saying that the content must be your own and previously unpublished.
3. The organizer's decision is final in any issue that arises.
4. You may submit multiple entries, as long as they are submitted separately.

Stavan (9974017449)
Haveesh (7799665254)

Spin with Six

Test your imagination and ability to twist given conditions to favor your own grounds!

i) You will be given 6 random words and all you have to do is use them in your composition.

ii) You cannot change the form of the word eg. “eat” cannot appear as “eating” in your story.

iii) You will get a bonus if you are able to use the six words in exactly the same order as given.

iv) The length of the composition should be more than 680 and less than 720 words. We will count each word so be careful.


Maruthi (8454843765)
Abhishek Agarwal (9453012059)


1.)Quote Nicholas Sparks or Zelda Fitzgerald, but don't make your letter just another page of Safe Haven. Love tastes best when it is original.

2.) There is no restriction on the number of words, or even the format for that matter. Sonnets or musings or stories or plain letters, happy or sad - it's your choice. Give it an Emily Bronte ending or a Jane Austen one.

3.)It's great to keep the love flowing, but it's even better when you know it's limited.

Rishika (9963093434)
Abhishek (7089079662)

Bohemian Litr

Tired of speaking or writing in the same old monotonous, drony English?
Here's a chance for you to bamboozle us with your unconventional choice of English style..

The rules are as follows:
1) It can be any kind of legit English, right from archaic Shakespeare's to scripts from the Hood.
2) As for the format, you can send us a poem/rhyme/rap, a story or even a popular phrase 'remodelled'.
3)The word limit is 680 to 720 words.

Raghav (9923540378)
Sagar (9705410782)

Skip it

Show off your vocab. Write an entire story without ever using one particular letter from the English alphabet!

1. You can’t use the letter 'H' from the alphabet.
2. The entry should be one complete composition, and it can be of any length, as long as it is complete.
3. If you have abstained from using any other letter of the English Alphabet, (needs to be noted at the beginning of the entry), you will be awarded a bonus based on how common that letter is.
4. A longer composition will fetch a higher score.

Maruthi (8454843765)
Abhishek (9453012059)


“You have to stop the Q-tip when there’s resistance!” Ever heard of this amazing one-liner by the ever sarcastic Chandler Bing? Now it’s your turn to come up with your own one-liners. It can be a really good quote or a groundbreaking insult. Your creativity is the only limit, except for these rules:

Some guidelines:
1. This a competition for the best one-liners. As the definition of one-liners is subjective, organizer's decision will be final on what constitutes a one-liners.
2. Please note that three sentences or even 42 words is stretching it.
3. We are not putting up any genre constraints: your pieces can be profound, sarcastic or plain funny as long as they are original.
4. The one-liner can be a stand-alone or can be a response to something.

Haveesh (7799665254)
Nikhil (9912229839)

Status Check

You've read them, shared them and maybe even uploaded them at some point in the recent past.

Statuses and Stories!
Take a memorable moment from your past or present and write a short description, that connects to the picture of that time period.

Be crisp and creative in your story. Humourous or not - make sure that you're honest about it.
1)Upload only 1 (unedited, unfiltered) photo to go along with your story. Pick out those treasured moments, and pour your heart out!
2) ‎Use your own photos and refrain from using quotes - create your own, it's your status.
3) ‎Feel free to have the story and photo on any subject! Be it buzzing bee or soaring eagle. Show us your perspectives!
4) ‎The word limit for the story is 500 characters. Make the most of it.
5) ‎(Optional for bonus points) Put it as your story on Instagram/Facebook/Whatsapp and take a screenshot of it and mail it to us.

Dhruv (8411970205)
Joel (9121635775)

Twist it

Ever wanted your favorite story to have a different ending or a 'twisted' progression?
Well, here's a chance for you to let your imagination run wild.

'Twist it' is an event that abides by the following rules :

1) You can have any story/movie/plot of your choice and 'twist' it, but make sure there's not too much change.
2) There are no rules as to what genre or format a story is to be written in, as long as it's original and not a rip-off from some fan fiction.
3) The jury will be judging you on how well the story is presented, depth of added plot and will not judge on how long the story is.
4)Here's a very brief, basic, structured example :

"After the gruelling battle of Hogwarts, Harry seemed to find everything slowly fading away. His surroundings slowly apparated into his yet so familiar closet. This was all just a dream..."

Rishika (9963093434)
Gautham (8105525622)


Whether you think memes are something sed to give a bit of pseudo-academic gravitas to stupid viral shit or something vital to our culture, you can't deny that they make you laugh.

Some are so good that they make you lmao and others are so cringy they make you roflmao.

We, @ Memers United ahem LitFest bring you the meme contest of the year.

If you think you've got what it takes to be a Memelord, we just have a couple of guidelines for you.
1. Do some original thinking.
2. ‎If you're deviating from the standard template, be sure that you have the permission to do so. (You're very much welcome to use your friend's faces if you have asked them.)
3. ‎I lied when I said there were two guidelines. This is the third. We need them in English, we need them before Feb 11 and they need to be posted on Facebook with other requisite details.
Use #litfest and #elan&nvision2018. Mail us the link.

Nikhil P (9912229839)
Rishika (9963093434)



  • All entries must be mailed to before 11 February,2018.

  • You may participate in as many events as you like.

  • Ping the respective event organisers for clarifications regarding the events.

  • Plagiarism will not be entertained.

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