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Essay Writing

Like any other literary fest, we have multiple essay writing competitions running throughout the course of the online litfest. The topics will be announced the day the event begins.

Two-line Goosebumps

Telling horror stories is fun... but here’s the catch - you’ve only got two lines to send chills down the readers’ spines.

Dear Me

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and tell your younger self something, or wished you could spill out your fears and look to your older self for advice? Write a letter to your past/future self talking about anything and everything.


The one-stop destination for all the cringe-filled feelsy words you have lying around in your journals and diaries and letters to your beau. Hey, why keep them hidden when they can get you prizes?


Have a lot of amusing tales from your life that you’d like to share? Well, get ready, we’re coming for you! Write to us your stories, experiences and anecdotes related to each hashtag and express your inner creative self with just a few words.

Review in Peace

Do you have an appetite for criticizing and fanboying? Stand up and express what you feel about absolutely anything at all. Tell us why it’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious or why you find it absolutely abominable and horrifyingly heinous.

Plot the twist

Write a short but sweet story that can be read in less than the time it takes to go through all the snapchat filters! And of course, make it twisted, hella twisted.


Get your meme templates polished and your deep frying pans ready. It’s time to take your meme-ing skills out on a ride.


All the world’s a stage and all of us, poets with beautiful phrases buried in the depths of our hearts. Well, dig deep, explore them and bring out the poet in you! The competition will be to write poems within a week’s time based on the topics we roll out.