Believe in Yourselves

Flipping through the pages of a newspaper on a sunny Monday morning, an appalling word that makes it to the headlines everyday without fail is "Harassment". A whopping 400 thousand harassment cases are reported every year in India, while thousands of cases go unregistered. These enormous numbers are enough to send a chill down the spine. Unfortunately, the efforts put into breaking the back of this issue still fall short. To drain out this viciousness that's dissolved in our society, “Elan and nVision” presents the social cause theme "Hausla".

Through this portal, we aim to combat harassment by providing a safe and non-judgmental space to all those who have such traumatic experiences to share. Be it cyber-bullying, racism, physical or sexual harassment. We also assure 100% confidentiality and anonymity. Together, Let's fight against this evil with all guns blazing.